Project Life 2015 : September 7-13

Oh Dear. Blogging fail again. I sat down so many times over the holidays to prepare blog posts. But instead I ate cookies. Or watched YouTube. Or took a nap. No regrets. However, I do have five more blog posts on my September 2015 Grab 5! experiment lined up and I still really want to share them. So new goal-I want to get these posts out of the way so I can start sharing some 2016. Or one of the million other projects I am in the middle of. Or anything really.

So this is the forth layout using the SC Brimfield cards and my Grab 5! Embellishments, but the second one I made (I left the Belfast pages until the end remember). This was a rare week without an insert, contained in two Design A pages.

Because we were only home for a few days before we left again for Belfast, this was the week that we caught up with a lot of our friends. There is so much fun in these pictures. This side includes three dinners out and my new found coffee making skills (and my new favorite coffee mug).

I love this card. It is so subtle that it matches everything, but still manages to combine geometric and text prints. Perfection. For this title card, I feel like I just couldn’t stop adding things, but it is ok. I am usually a pretty basic Project Lifer and it was fun to give myself permission to just play around with embellishments for this month. I also challenged myself to present the dates slightly differently each week, so this time I spelled out the word ‘to’ in tiny letter stickers. Layered labels, washi and doily scrap. Enamel dots to hide the fact that my stamping was massively off center.

I printed the journaling on a little tag, but I was not quite sure what I wanted to do with it. I ended up just throwing a bunch of stuff in a cluster. I love that I could also include a little logo from the restaurant we went to with the journaling, but not have it all take up too much space. The layer directly under the ‘So Fun’ letters is a scrap cut from the same 4×6 card as the piece I used on the PRONI card in the second Belfast layout. I think this one said ‘yesterday’, which obviously makes no sense here so I just covered it up.

The right page has more food, friends and visiting. That is a super accurate portrayal of this week.

Definitely not typical. I wanted to remember that we booked a crazy number of plane tickets in one day. I used the LDM freebie again, but this time I just overlayed it on a label before printing. By this point, I had a used a couple pages of the tiny letter stickers but none of the punctuation,  so I used a couple exclamation points as embellishments. I really love how simple this card is for recording a small memory.

And of course,  another food shot. This time a dinner at home.  The friends we were staying with are vegan and asked  we not have meat in the house. Totally fine and the forced creativity ended up in some new favorites. I listed out the elements of this meal on strips, but it looked too random so I layered a triangle of vellum over it as a faux ‘pocket ‘.

Grab 5! Roundup:

1. AC Amy Tangerine Cut and Paste Phrase Stamp

Number of cards using this product: 1

Other than a couple fussy embellishment clusters,  I feel like this page is just more simple than the previous pages. Thus, less products.  It happens.

2. Teresa Collins Black Alpha Stickers

Number of cards using this product: 3

Only have 2.5 packs left.  Need to hoard for the rest of my life.  Love.

3. Misc Paper Clips

Number of cards using this product: 0

Seven pages.  Three paper clips.  Some weeks just won’t have any and that is totally fine.

4. MME Charm ‘Smile’ Enamel Dots

Number of cards using this product: 2

Just a couple little pops of color.

5. Doilies

Number of cards using this product: 3

A statement layer on the title card and a couple little scraps in embellishment clusters. Nothing too exciting.

If you liked this layout, but are totally confused by my Grab 5! references, check out my other posts in the series:

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***Disclaimer: I posted this from my phone on an actual desert island.  If it looks a little wonky. …sorry!

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