TSSR Relaunch Week 2017: Monday

Yayyyy. It’s the first day of my relaunch week and I am super excited to be back. As I mentioned, I will be sharing a layout everyday this week. Aside from being a little bit insane, I had two main goals for this kind of commitment. First, I am hoping to lure people back to this space by bombarding them with my social media presence (if it worked, please say hi in the comments!). Secondly, I wanted to test my own productivity habits by setting a large but somewhat open-ended goal. Seven layouts in one week is a lot. But they can be any seven layouts. In any stage of completion. I suspected I would choose a few because I was excited about them and a few just because they were easy to finish, and that is exactly how it went. But the point was, if there are so many pages in my albums that are easily finished (10-20 minutes of adding some detail or another)…why haven’t I just sat and finished them before now? I will definitely be coming back to this challenge.

My first layout for the week was both easy and exciting.   This layout is for a single event, Oktoberfest 2016. I remember when I put in the photos (March), the cards came together so easily and I just really loved this page. So much so that I even did the journaling right away (hands down my least favorite part). And then it sat there waiting for the decorative elements. In fact, for several months, the title only said “Oktober…” because “fest” wouldn’t fit in stickers and I was just too lazy to pull out the stamps. As soon as I decided to set a “just finish the d*mn pages” challenge, I knew this would be top of the list.

2016 is laid out into two albums, with all the photos printed and tucked away. At the moment, this is the only completed page in the second album.  It’s more or less right in the middle and I am excited to start filling in around it. I’m a firm believer in starting where you feel inspired.

So…the spread. The thing I love about single event pages it that there is no real need for chronology and I feel more freedom to just work with balance. Here, the photos more or less run from daylight to darkness. The left side holds most of the outdoor photos. There is so much to do at Oktoberfest other than the beer tents and I spent quite a while checking it all out.

Now, I know some people think it is crazy to insert a whole additional spread for a single event. That would probably make it outrageous to have a 6×12 insert in there too. I guess it depends on your Project Life objectives. For me, PL (and scrapbooking) has always been a way to showcase the photos I was ALREADY taking, with the benefit of also being a creative outlet. I would love to be caught up of course, because completed pages make me happy. But I will never sacrifice photos I like to make it easier or faster. So I will probably never catch up. That’s cool with me.

With all the beer and lights and wood, yellow was definitely a standout color for this page. I wanted a big bold title for a big bold event and I really love the look of overlapping these Amy Tan stickers (see below for product discussion). To fit “fest”would have required too much overlap, so I decided to just stamp it in gray. A small label added another pop and rounded out my color scheme (yellow, light blue and gray).

The embellishment cluster on this card makes me so happy. I bought a set of “Bavarian” themed paper clips at a tourist shop the weekend I moved to Munich and I have been dying to use them. However, embellishing is usually my last step in the process and I so rarely get to that point that I haven’t had the chance. I am determined that this will change and I will finish layouts. I want to use all the pretty things.

The little gingham strip was actually printed on the card already and it was so perfect. There was really no way to attach the paperclip there as it was intended, so I just stapled it on. I have a teeny tiny star punch, so I used that to move some of the blue to various points around the page.

The right side of the spread is more of the same, picture-wise. Scenery and beer and food and fun. I was pretty happy with the quantity of photos I printed, because I surprised myself with the amount of stories I wanted to add.  I actually thought of another one last night, after I had declared the page done. I am going to just live with that…there is always this year!

I for sure took enough pictures to print another 4×6, but I decided to keep this slot for a large date card. A little bit for some white space to break up the very dense photos. A little bit to highlight that Oktoberfest is in fact in September. I also have an unhealthy obsession with this date stamp set.

One unexpected theme of this spread that I really like is the repetition of circles, which seem to dominate my photos. To play off that, I dug out this older Studio Calico card…and completely ruined it while stamping (I seem to have gotten ink all over the edges of the block, in addition to the stamp…). The good news is I get the cards digitally so I can just reprint! The bad news is my printer is terrible at printing colors! I printed about five before I got one that was usable, only to notice one corner is stained black from being dragged through the printer (it is under the watermark). I am just going with it. There are six other pages to make for this week…

My main scrappy goal this year was to use my stamps more. So far…I have just bought a ton more stamps. My problem with stamping is that I am a perfectionist and want to be good at it. But to be good at it you have to do it. So I avoid it. I have discovered that I am not into image stamping but really like text based sets. I am totally forcing myself out of my comfort zone here, but I actually did a quite a lot of stamping on this layout. By my count there is seven spots/stamps. Can you find them? This card is an example of my less than perfect technique. I am accepting wonky lettering as part of the learning curve, but that randomly placed blue star? It is covering a clump of ink I thought was a fuzzy and tried to brush away. Ooops.

The Products

Oh man. I’m gonna be honest, as the blog started to drop off and I started doing more and more batch processing in my album, I became less concerned with identifying specific products. Also, most of the stuff I scrap with is really really old. I like to find a good adaptable product and stick with it. I will try my best to identify the main products here, but if there is anything specific you are wondering about please feel free to leave a comment.

Cards: As per usual, I get almost all my cards digitally and have them printed as photos. Because my lab prints the file name on the back, I can tell you that the foundation of this spread is the October 2016 Studio Calico Documenter cards (Story Board). I also pulled in some even older Studio Calico cards and a couple cards from the PL Fresh edition (I get mine from the app these days).

Stamps: Elle’s Studio Date It, Clearly Kelly Outline Alpha, Its All About Festivals (Sweet Stamp Shop, no longer available?), Itinerary, and a bunch of Citrus Twist phrases received in a grab bag (more on this obsession coming soon I am sure).

Other: Amy Tangerine “Skip”Alpha, Kaitlin Sheaffer Labels, Tim Holz tiny word stickers (I have all sets and use interchangeably)

The word art in the title picture is from an old Ali Edwards digital set that I will be using all week. There are loads of similar ones available in her digital shop.

Wow. So if you made it all the way to the end, thanks so much for stopping by! Clearly, I had a lot of pent up blogging to get out and I hope to keep that momentum up all week. Please feel free to leave a comment if you are looking forward to the rest of the week and stop by tomorrow!

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