TSSR Relaunch Week 2017: Tuesday

This spread is one of the first that I made after not being able to scrap for about six months, so I wanted to keep it pretty simple and ease back in. Though I have tons of pages from 2016 waiting, it is always nice to jump into the new year and the rest of the pages this week are from spring 2017. In the past I have really enjoyed the flow of posting recent(ish) pages in chronological order but I hope you will forgive me for bouncing around as I return to the habits of scrapping and blogging.

Though I would consider this a pretty traditional weekly project life spread you can see from the dates that it only covers six days, a period I was back in Swansea for a visit. Also, it continues for another full spread on the next page (shared tomorrow). So what do I know about traditional.

This trip was a last minute surprise/impulse, so a lot of the first page contains the details of keeping it a surprise and the response. As it turned out, Ken chose that night to attend LIVE theater (hard to crash that), but I got to surprise five friends instead of just one. That was pretty cool.

I feel like when I am getting back into the groove of Project Life, I always return to my comfort zone: the LDM freebie. In this case they worked out great to fit a ton of stories that flow through both spreads. I am also really loving how clean and simple title cards turn out with the huge date stamp set (see info below). I think it may already be my most used stamp set ever. Am I the last person to the Nuvo Drop party? Probably. I picked up black and white to test them out and now I must have all the colors. Basically, they are puffy paint like tubes that let you squeeze out tiny plastic domes. These have basically conquered all of my objections to enamel dots (they are too expensive, too hard to find, too dimensional and I only ever use the tiny ones).

The best part is that if you are too chicken to put them straight on your card (I am!), you can make a ton on a piece of plastic packaging, let them sit overnight, then glue them on wherever you want. I made about a hundred teeny dots the other night and the bottle barely looks used. Also, I love that I can make the dome quite shallow so I get the same look with much less bulk. Expect a significant increase in my future use of “enamel” dots.

My favorite thing about this page is these two pictures. The quality is pretty terrible (I wanted to make a page ASAP, so knowingly sacrificed quality for convenience), but the context is pretty joyful. The color photo of me is one Ken took shortly after I arrived for a “guess who is here” kind of text. The black & white one below was sent to me later by a friend and is the exact moment Ken took the colored photo. As a family of two we rarely get interactions like that documented from the outside, so I think it is pretty special.

No matter how long I am there, Swansea visits always include a lot of food and friends time. And movies shown in English.  The right hand side holds more documentation of these outings. I still love printing a movie poster to put behind my tickets for some excitement and color.

On a recent trip to the states I was able to indulge my love for the tiny phrase sticker and I may have gone a little overboard. The good news is I now have enough to use on every page I could ever want to make. I fully intend to test that theory by stacking them all over the place. Right in the middle of a photo is a current favorite technique.

The Products

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been putting more emphasis lately on finishing pages rather than worrying about accounting for the products. Now that I am back to blogging that is more problematic, but I will try my best to identify the main products here. If there is anything specific you are wondering about please feel free to leave a comment.

Cards: As per usual, I get almost all my cards digitally and have them printed as photos. Aside from the LDM day cards, nearly every other card is from a Paislee Press Project Life collaboration-I have all of them and they all match perfectly. I think the bottom left card is from the March 2017 Studio Calico Documenter Set (The Birds and The Bees).

Stamps: Elle’s Studio Date It. The roller date stamp was part of a Webster’s Pages kit I got because it was the only one I could find at the time that included 2017.

Other: The tiny word stickers are a mix of Simple Stories and Tim Holtz.

The word art in the title picture is from an old Ali Edwards digital set that I will be using all week. There are loads of similar ones available in her digital shop.

Alright. Day two of seven is on the blog and the page is in the book. That’s what I call progress. Hope you stop by tomorrow to see the other spread for this week!

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