TSSR Relaunch Week 2017: Wednesday

For Day 3 of Relaunch Week, I have another two-page spread of the same trip as yesterday’s layout. Though I often add another layout for a specific event (like Oktoberfest), I typically opt for a 6×12 insert for a weekly spread rather than a second set of pages. In this case, however, I had several more stories and photos and tickets. Project Life is now my only memory keeping system, so I take these things on a page by page basis to get the most out of what I want to record.

Overall, this page is a pretty straightforward continuation of the previous spread. To really draw on the connection between them I once again used the LDM freebie days of the week across the center of the pages.

Even in weeks that are more focused on a theme or event, I like to include some mundane aspects of life. Here I recorded my love of holiday socks, because my St Patrick’s Day socks were basically the only clothing item I packed from Germany (don’t worry, I have clothes in Swansea still). I used the empty space at the bottom as a home for a paired stack of tiny phrases topped by a chipboard asterisk.

The right side of the layout holds the last couple days and my plane ticket home. This page is a good example of my current approach: always start with a Design A page protector and adapt as needed. In the upper right corner, I had two 3×4 cards on either side so I went ahead and used the fuse tool to separate the pockets. I also had two 3x4s in an upper pocket on the left half, but there was a full 4×6 on the reverse so I just taped them together on the back side. Either way gets the job done.

I really like the aesthetic of these cards that leave about a quarter blank, but I felt like the page was already treading too close to overly busy and I really didn’t have anything else to add. Between the journaling, days of the week cards, and tickets there was already a lot of black typeface on this page. This is exactly why I am loving white on white right now to add subtle captions/titles without really introducing something new. In general, I find that the variety of products I use already have a lot of different shades of white per page, so it actually enhances the visibility a little. And in case you are wondering, I did add that asterisk because I massively miscalculated the spacing of the word. Whoops.

Am I the only one swooning over a light blue paper with black and white doodled cameras? Am I the only one who bought six pages and cut them up into PL sized cards? No regrets.

The Products (As always feel free to ask for more details in the comments)

Cards: LDM day cards (freebie!) and the March 2017 Studio Calico Documenter set (The Birds and The Bees).

Stamps: XO is from an older Studio Calico Documenter kit (but I got it at Goodwill!) and the same Webster’s Pages date stamp I discussed yesterday.

Other: The tiny word stickers are a mix of Simple Stories and Tim Holtz. The asterisks are from the PL Everyday chipboard set.

The word art in the title picture is from an old Ali Edwards digital set that I will be using all week. There are loads of similar ones available in her digital shop.

Thanks SO MUCH to everyone for the likes on Facebook and Instagram. It really means a lot to know that someone is actually reading all of these posts. Tomorrow is the midpoint of Relaunch Week 2017 and I will be skipping ahead a couple weeks for another fun event page. See you there!

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