TSSR Relaunch Week 2017: Thursday

Thursday marks the halfway point for TSSR Relaunch Week 2017! Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to like and comment on various social media platforms. It’s very much appreciated and excellent motivation to keep moving forward.

Like the Oktoberfest layout from Monday, today’s spread covers a single event (and also requires an additional 6×12 insert!). In this case it was a sunny spring day at the zoo in Munich. Last year I had an annual pass for the zoo, but though I have many many pictures I was usually there alone. Since Ken went with me on this occasion it was nice to be able to mix the animal pictures in with pictures of our smiling human faces.

Though I am usually drawn to pretty neutral colors, this day was just so bright and fun that I wanted to reflect that in my page. Since my usual process is to pick all my cards before I start embellishing, I knew what colors were already in use and chose these fun orange stickers for the title. Disclaimer: I do know that technically this should read “Tierpark Hellabrunn”…but it just looked so much better this way. Please forgive my artistic choices.

Since I had an annual pass I never actually got tickets. I’m not saying I made Ken go so I could have the ticket. But I am not denying it either. I chose a card with a big central pattern to pull in some of the color without adding too much more design. Though the gold dot washi looks quite prominent in the photo, in real life it is much more subtle.

The opposite side holds more fun selfies and animal pics. I am naturally inclined to super photo heavy pages, but I am trying to work at leaving more space for filler cards. I own a lot of filler cards.

If I am being honest with you, I will admit that I decided to use the flamingo and pineapple cards while I was at the zoo that day. These adorable cards are from Digital Design Essentials, but I think she may still be closed down now (the Facebook site is still available?). I loved them so much that I printed them immediately, but I struggle to use products with such bold design. For this page I decided to just make it work and used both—by putting them on either side of the insert it cut down on the clutter and made them much easier to work with. The little strip at the bottom is perfect for my favorite date stamp. Lets face it, I think every space is perfect for that date stamp.

I don’t care if a photo is kind of crap because it was taken through dirty glass. If there is a freaking baby polar bear in it, it goes on the page. Baby. Polar. Bear. I liked the sentiment of the phrase sticker but it was too long so I cut it in half and placed them at a bit of an angle.

You know how sometimes there is an idea in your head and no matter what you try nothing else will work? I reallllllly wanted a chipboard half-circle for this card. Unfortunately, though I seem to own several chipboard half-circles all of the writing was facing in the opposite direction (with the flat side at the top). After trying to find another solution I could live with, I decided to take this full circle chipboard piece and cut off the bottom. Even though there is now a completely unnecessary colon, I think it is still my favorite element on the page because I just wanted it so bad.

Super simple filler card and phrase sticker. In a funny quirk, I just couldn’t make myself put the star at the top of the stack because I thought it looked too much like a Christmas tree. I decided the bottom looked just as good in this case.

The Products

Cards: As mentioned, the pineapple and flamingo card were from Digital Design Essentials. The card with the ticket is from the May 2017 Studio Calico Documenter Kit (Alfresco). “Today Was” is a digital element from Paislee Press that I printed at the top of a  3×4 card. The remaining cards are a mix of the PL Currently and PL Fresh editions.

Stamps: Elle’s Studio Date It and Ate This.

Other: Amy Tangerine “Penpal”alpha, black alpha and phrase stickers by Tim Holtz, chipboard by MAMBI, enamel stars from a past Studio Calico Documenter kit.

I am so excited to have made it past the halfway point on this blogging and scrapping adventure. I feel like the intense pace is making me realize more about my creative process and remember things I used to know about blogging. Personally my progress is motivating me to do more, but I really hope that you are also finding some inspiration to finish your own pages! See you tomorrow 🙂

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