TSSR Relaunch Week 2017: Saturday

Fun fact: TSSR Relaunch Week 2017 was supposed to run Monday to Friday, but when I marked it off in my planner I got carried away and went through the weekend. It was in the planner in ink, so I figured that meant I had to do it. Saturday and Sunday posts it is.

This layout is the week following yesterday’s spread and includes a Design G insert. Though it is layout 6 of 7 shared this week, it was actually the first one that I finished when I took on this challenge. As such, I feel like it is a little more experimental as I am trying to find my groove—I don’t love all elements of it but I love that it is done and in the book.

I started by making the two 12×12 pages with the pictures from throughout the week and later went back and added the insert for my siblings’ prom pictures. Under more typical circumstances, I probably would have printed a picture of each of them at 3×4 and included it in my week with some journaling about how grown up they are. However, since I was actually there for the event this year it became part of MY story too. I spent a good chunk of my Saturday taking photos of Jayme (Mom was on Jack duty, divide and conquer) and I wanted to include that more prominently.

When I was considering my spread, I thought that the photos as a whole just felt really Wisconsin-y this week. Several years ago I had bought two pages by Scrapbook Customs that were printed as 3×4 and 4×6 cut aparts. I have used a few over the years, but I LOVE the multicolored text B-side so I decided to sacrifice one I thought I was less likely to use. I didn’t want to cover a lot of the pattern, so I stamped my dates onto vellum and stapled it in place.

I’m so obsessed right now with using the tiny typeset words/phrases by Citrus Twist to stamp right onto the photos. So tiny. So perfect. I have been collecting them impatiently because every set is so usable.

The pocket holding the business card is about as lazy as it gets….the vellum is just sitting in the page with the card behind it…not attached in any way. Simple.

I really wanted to keep the insert as simple as possible and let the awesome photos stand on their own. This super simple title card from the PL currently edition was perfect. Though the red sentiment printed on the card would have worked fine here, I was determined to incorporate this navy washi with the doodled stars so I covered most of it and added a chipboard circle across the layers.

I auditioned a lot of journal cards for this insert. In the end, I just used plain white cardstock and printed the details of each kid’s day. I stamped the date on the bottom (to emphasize that they are the same) and used stickers to write their name white-on-white. When I was planning the insert I had intended to include more of a personal narrative, but I couldn’t make it work so I went with the basic facts. Perfectly happy with that too.

The opposite side is more of the same. More prom pictures. More real life.

Friday was a pretty special day in my scrapbook life. I had ordered the Citrus Twist grab bag on a whim, because it’s a crazy good deal and I wanted to try out their stamps. Well. I loved every one I received. Every. Freaking. One. It is the start of something beautiful I think. Plus, I went to Goodwill (a charity shop) and found a bundle of goodies from past Studio Calico kits! It was a very good supply day for me. Things can’t make you happy. But scrapbooking can. Just sayin’.

While driving to brunch on Mother’s Day, we had to stop unexpectedly to let a family of cranes cross. That in itself was entertaining, but the video my sister took also picked up some pretty funny commentary. I upload these kinds of videos to an unlisted YouTube account and use that link to generate a qr-code. There are tons of apps that can be used to scan the code and the video then plays on my phone. It is great to have these multi-media memories in the scrapbook so that I am reminded I have them.

The Products

Cards: I really tried to stick to the May 2017 Studio Calico Documenter Kit (Alfresco), so most of the cards are from that. There are also a couple that snuck in from the PL Currently and PL Plus One editions.

Stamps:  Elle’s Studio Date It and a small standard date stamp. The word Prom was stamped with an alpha where the pegs snap together (I have seen similar ones at Michael’s). And of course, I used a bunch of phrases from my Citrus Twist grab bag!

Other: Heidi Swapp washi, MAMBI chipboard shapes and Ali Edwards Word Phrase Stickers.

OK, so that is the 6th layout for TSSR Relaunch Week 2017! Please stop by tomorrow for the next (and last!) layout of this challenge.

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