Project Life 2017: April 03–11

This page is all about the details. Ken was supposed to be in Munich for most of April, but since I was heading back to the states he ended up only staying a few days. I didn’t really do anything else before he came, so I just focused on the stories I had and went with it.

The left side of the spread is the back of the Design F from the page before. As always, this design is my go-to for slow weeks because it’s so good for housing the small stories.

Even though I am not a fan of pink, it is somewhat unavoidable when you commit to cards from a kit club (in this case Studio Calico), so I try to find ways to match it with other colors that I do love. I used the small flower pot on this card as the inspiration for the page, pulling heavilly on the gold, black and teal to tone down the pastel pink.

I really wanted to include this candy wrapper in my spread, but it was such an odd shape and just looked blah alone on a card. I had recently pulled out my stitching templates for a Citrus Twist challenge (shared here) and loved the result, so I am finding myself reaching for them more. I think stitching of this type can often look quite fussy, so to try and keep my cleaner style I often just use plain white thread. I also tend to use only one stitched “picture” type design, with straight or crossed stitches elsewhere on the page.

I always like when I put a couple lines of random thought or event on a plain card and add some simple embellishment. As you may have picked up,  I spent a month in Peru with my sister this summer and it’s going to make an epic scrapbook. Strangely, llamas seem to be a super trendy design this year and I felt compelled to buy allthellamathings. I could probably make about seven scrapbooks at this point. Or a scrapbook only on llamas. Though I am still wading through the thousands of pictures we took on our trip, I was super excited to break out a llama sticker here and will definitely be making many more cards just like this. Since I pretty much just guess on spacing when I print and the llama was a little taller than I expected, I used the phrase sticker to pull some of the weight to the bottom of the card.

The right side of the spread goes back to an unaltered Design A. After all these years of Project Life, I feel like I have really found a comfort zone of printing the pictures I want and making the layout work for me. Though I didn’t use it here, the fuse tool is definitely a huge contribution to that flexibility.

As with most of the page layouts I have shared with/since the TSSR Blog Relaunch 2017, I stamped the dates for this layout the day my giant date stamps arrived. I hadn’t yet picked a title card for this page, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to mix it up and stack the dates on a (pink) grid card. The teal stripe was cut down from a patterned paper and I added stitching to fill the space and tie in the stitching elsewhere. Cross stitch on a grid card is basically the easiest thing ever.

I had originally printed this super simple menu card while I was at my mom’s house with the idea that I could use her sewing machine to messy stitch over the monograms. But then I got super lazy. When I sat down to finish the spread in Munich, I decided to just work off my original design and add three basic stitches. It obviously does not look as polished as I had intended, but I quite like it and will for sure repeat it elsewhere in the book.

Instead of putting the two food pictures in seperate 3×4 pockets, I just stuck them together on one larger card. The watercolor is actually a page from my sister’s Happy Planner (I have converted her) that she was going to toss, so I cut it down and used this portion.  I wanted to match the super goldy-gold banner on the opposite page, so I took a card from the same collection and cut off the edges to make the small strips here. I also stapled the middle of each to make it kind of look like they are hangers/attachments for the photos. Since the pictures themselves are slightly askew there was a weird gap under the left one so I used a word stamp to fill it.

The Products

Cards: As usual I started by pulling cards from the monthly Studio Calico set, in this case April 2017  (Written in the Stars). The pink grid card and gold banner/strips are from the Webster’s Pages set I bought for the 2017 date stamp (first used here). The rest of the cards are either plain white cardstock or from the PL Midnight and PL Fresh editions.

Stamps: Pretty light on the stamping this week, with only Elle’s Studio Date It and “Remember This” from an older Heidi Swapp set.

Other: The “Think Happy Thoughts” sticker was from the Target Dollar Spot. The gorgeous phrase stickers are Ali Edwards.

You guys. I may have just ordered 16 pages worth of photos for my 2017 album, but every page that currently has photos is DONE. I feel so accomplished. I have three more spreads that fall in the middle of those already shared and am going to post those before working my way through the summer. Hopefully you are still inspired even though I am completely out of season!

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