TSSR Relaunch Week 2017: Saturday

Fun fact: TSSR Relaunch Week 2017 was supposed to run Monday to Friday, but when I marked it off in my planner I got carried away and went through the weekend. It was in the planner in ink, so I figured that meant I had to do it. Saturday and Sunday posts it is.

This layout is the week following yesterday’s spread and includes a Design G insert. Though it is layout 6 of 7 shared this week, it was actually the first one that I finished when I took on this challenge. As such, I feel like it is a little more experimental as I am trying to find my groove—I don’t love all elements of it but I love that it is done and in the book.

I started by making the two 12×12 pages with the pictures from throughout the week and later went back and added the insert for my siblings’ prom pictures. Under more typical circumstances, I probably would have printed a picture of each of them at 3×4 and included it in my week with some journaling about how grown up they are. However, since I was actually there for the event this year it became part of MY story too. I spent a good chunk of my Saturday taking photos of Jayme (Mom was on Jack duty, divide and conquer) and I wanted to include that more prominently.

When I was considering my spread, I thought that the photos as a whole just felt really Wisconsin-y this week. Several years ago I had bought two pages by Scrapbook Customs that were printed as 3×4 and 4×6 cut aparts. I have used a few over the years, but I LOVE the multicolored text B-side so I decided to sacrifice one I thought I was less likely to use. I didn’t want to cover a lot of the pattern, so I stamped my dates onto vellum and stapled it in place.

I’m so obsessed right now with using the tiny typeset words/phrases by Citrus Twist to stamp right onto the photos. So tiny. So perfect. I have been collecting them impatiently because every set is so usable.

The pocket holding the business card is about as lazy as it gets….the vellum is just sitting in the page with the card behind it…not attached in any way. Simple.

I really wanted to keep the insert as simple as possible and let the awesome photos stand on their own. This super simple title card from the PL currently edition was perfect. Though the red sentiment printed on the card would have worked fine here, I was determined to incorporate this navy washi with the doodled stars so I covered most of it and added a chipboard circle across the layers.

I auditioned a lot of journal cards for this insert. In the end, I just used plain white cardstock and printed the details of each kid’s day. I stamped the date on the bottom (to emphasize that they are the same) and used stickers to write their name white-on-white. When I was planning the insert I had intended to include more of a personal narrative, but I couldn’t make it work so I went with the basic facts. Perfectly happy with that too.

The opposite side is more of the same. More prom pictures. More real life.

Friday was a pretty special day in my scrapbook life. I had ordered the Citrus Twist grab bag on a whim, because it’s a crazy good deal and I wanted to try out their stamps. Well. I loved every one I received. Every. Freaking. One. It is the start of something beautiful I think. Plus, I went to Goodwill (a charity shop) and found a bundle of goodies from past Studio Calico kits! It was a very good supply day for me. Things can’t make you happy. But scrapbooking can. Just sayin’.

While driving to brunch on Mother’s Day, we had to stop unexpectedly to let a family of cranes cross. That in itself was entertaining, but the video my sister took also picked up some pretty funny commentary. I upload these kinds of videos to an unlisted YouTube account and use that link to generate a qr-code. There are tons of apps that can be used to scan the code and the video then plays on my phone. It is great to have these multi-media memories in the scrapbook so that I am reminded I have them.

The Products

Cards: I really tried to stick to the May 2017 Studio Calico Documenter Kit (Alfresco), so most of the cards are from that. There are also a couple that snuck in from the PL Currently and PL Plus One editions.

Stamps:  Elle’s Studio Date It and a small standard date stamp. The word Prom was stamped with an alpha where the pegs snap together (I have seen similar ones at Michael’s). And of course, I used a bunch of phrases from my Citrus Twist grab bag!

Other: Heidi Swapp washi, MAMBI chipboard shapes and Ali Edwards Word Phrase Stickers.

OK, so that is the 6th layout for TSSR Relaunch Week 2017! Please stop by tomorrow for the next (and last!) layout of this challenge.

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TSSR Relaunch Week 2017: Friday

TGIF, right? For the final three spreads of TSSR Relaunch Week 2017 I’m jumping ahead about a month (May 2017). I spent a couple months in Wisconsin this spring due to some family issues. By May things had levelled out to some semblance of normal and I was able to really enjoy the unexpected time with my family. I don’t get to spend nearly as much time with my mom and siblings as I would like, so having all of these memories recorded is really special for me.

Aside from Design A (usually adapted), Design F is the only other page design I use regularly. This week it was perfect for holding lots of small events. The overall feel of this spread is pretty simple, probably because the following week is a bit insane (shared tomorrow!). I also feel like this is the time of year I start using cards with a lot more color, as more of the pictures transition to outdoors.

Went super simple with the date card. I decided to messy stamp the dates only after I was unhappy with the way May 07 turned out. It’s not my favorite approach (hello OCD), but I think it is ok. I really liked this PL Fine & Dandy card to pull together all the colors of the page but keep lots of white space.

Because there was already a lot of color and pattern on the page I didn’t want to add much more with the embellishments. I consider light blue to be a neutral in my life, so I broke into my amazing Ali Edwards phrase stickers (obsessed) and used only white enamel embellishments (stars and the camera on the title card).

The right side of the spread goes back to Design A (adapted, of course). It makes me so happy to have all these pictures of the people I love. Though 2017 has not shaped up to be at all what I thought it would, I think I am going to really treasure this album.

I’ve loved the look of a word right in the middle of a photo for a long time, but was way too chicken to try it. So I decided to just go for it. I absolutely love how it turned out and will definitely do it more often. I thought the letters blended into the wispy clouds a little so I added the phrase to define them. Like any excuse is needed to add a phrase sticker.

The Products

Cards:Most of the cards come from the PL Fine & Dandy, PL Currently or PL Fresh editions. A couple are from the May 2017 Studio Calico Documenter Kit (Alfresco).

Stamps: Clearly Kelly Outline Alpha and a basic date stamp.

Other: The enamel camera is Paper Studio from several years ago and the stars are from an older SC Documenter kit. The Ali Edwards Word Phrase Stickers come in a pack of 12 colors and are the greatest thing ever…and is it just me or do they smell really good?

It may be Friday but TSSR Relaunch Week 2017 isn’t over! Stop back this weekend to see the next couple spreads of May 2017.

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TSSR Relaunch Week 2017: Thursday

Thursday marks the halfway point for TSSR Relaunch Week 2017! Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to like and comment on various social media platforms. It’s very much appreciated and excellent motivation to keep moving forward.

Like the Oktoberfest layout from Monday, today’s spread covers a single event (and also requires an additional 6×12 insert!). In this case it was a sunny spring day at the zoo in Munich. Last year I had an annual pass for the zoo, but though I have many many pictures I was usually there alone. Since Ken went with me on this occasion it was nice to be able to mix the animal pictures in with pictures of our smiling human faces.

Though I am usually drawn to pretty neutral colors, this day was just so bright and fun that I wanted to reflect that in my page. Since my usual process is to pick all my cards before I start embellishing, I knew what colors were already in use and chose these fun orange stickers for the title. Disclaimer: I do know that technically this should read “Tierpark Hellabrunn”…but it just looked so much better this way. Please forgive my artistic choices.

Since I had an annual pass I never actually got tickets. I’m not saying I made Ken go so I could have the ticket. But I am not denying it either. I chose a card with a big central pattern to pull in some of the color without adding too much more design. Though the gold dot washi looks quite prominent in the photo, in real life it is much more subtle.

The opposite side holds more fun selfies and animal pics. I am naturally inclined to super photo heavy pages, but I am trying to work at leaving more space for filler cards. I own a lot of filler cards.

If I am being honest with you, I will admit that I decided to use the flamingo and pineapple cards while I was at the zoo that day. These adorable cards are from Digital Design Essentials, but I think she may still be closed down now (the Facebook site is still available?). I loved them so much that I printed them immediately, but I struggle to use products with such bold design. For this page I decided to just make it work and used both—by putting them on either side of the insert it cut down on the clutter and made them much easier to work with. The little strip at the bottom is perfect for my favorite date stamp. Lets face it, I think every space is perfect for that date stamp.

I don’t care if a photo is kind of crap because it was taken through dirty glass. If there is a freaking baby polar bear in it, it goes on the page. Baby. Polar. Bear. I liked the sentiment of the phrase sticker but it was too long so I cut it in half and placed them at a bit of an angle.

You know how sometimes there is an idea in your head and no matter what you try nothing else will work? I reallllllly wanted a chipboard half-circle for this card. Unfortunately, though I seem to own several chipboard half-circles all of the writing was facing in the opposite direction (with the flat side at the top). After trying to find another solution I could live with, I decided to take this full circle chipboard piece and cut off the bottom. Even though there is now a completely unnecessary colon, I think it is still my favorite element on the page because I just wanted it so bad.

Super simple filler card and phrase sticker. In a funny quirk, I just couldn’t make myself put the star at the top of the stack because I thought it looked too much like a Christmas tree. I decided the bottom looked just as good in this case.

The Products

Cards: As mentioned, the pineapple and flamingo card were from Digital Design Essentials. The card with the ticket is from the May 2017 Studio Calico Documenter Kit (Alfresco). “Today Was” is a digital element from Paislee Press that I printed at the top of a  3×4 card. The remaining cards are a mix of the PL Currently and PL Fresh editions.

Stamps: Elle’s Studio Date It and Ate This.

Other: Amy Tangerine “Penpal”alpha, black alpha and phrase stickers by Tim Holtz, chipboard by MAMBI, enamel stars from a past Studio Calico Documenter kit.

I am so excited to have made it past the halfway point on this blogging and scrapping adventure. I feel like the intense pace is making me realize more about my creative process and remember things I used to know about blogging. Personally my progress is motivating me to do more, but I really hope that you are also finding some inspiration to finish your own pages! See you tomorrow 🙂

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TSSR Relaunch Week 2017: Wednesday

For Day 3 of Relaunch Week, I have another two-page spread of the same trip as yesterday’s layout. Though I often add another layout for a specific event (like Oktoberfest), I typically opt for a 6×12 insert for a weekly spread rather than a second set of pages. In this case, however, I had several more stories and photos and tickets. Project Life is now my only memory keeping system, so I take these things on a page by page basis to get the most out of what I want to record.

Overall, this page is a pretty straightforward continuation of the previous spread. To really draw on the connection between them I once again used the LDM freebie days of the week across the center of the pages.

Even in weeks that are more focused on a theme or event, I like to include some mundane aspects of life. Here I recorded my love of holiday socks, because my St Patrick’s Day socks were basically the only clothing item I packed from Germany (don’t worry, I have clothes in Swansea still). I used the empty space at the bottom as a home for a paired stack of tiny phrases topped by a chipboard asterisk.

The right side of the layout holds the last couple days and my plane ticket home. This page is a good example of my current approach: always start with a Design A page protector and adapt as needed. In the upper right corner, I had two 3×4 cards on either side so I went ahead and used the fuse tool to separate the pockets. I also had two 3x4s in an upper pocket on the left half, but there was a full 4×6 on the reverse so I just taped them together on the back side. Either way gets the job done.

I really like the aesthetic of these cards that leave about a quarter blank, but I felt like the page was already treading too close to overly busy and I really didn’t have anything else to add. Between the journaling, days of the week cards, and tickets there was already a lot of black typeface on this page. This is exactly why I am loving white on white right now to add subtle captions/titles without really introducing something new. In general, I find that the variety of products I use already have a lot of different shades of white per page, so it actually enhances the visibility a little. And in case you are wondering, I did add that asterisk because I massively miscalculated the spacing of the word. Whoops.

Am I the only one swooning over a light blue paper with black and white doodled cameras? Am I the only one who bought six pages and cut them up into PL sized cards? No regrets.

The Products (As always feel free to ask for more details in the comments)

Cards: LDM day cards (freebie!) and the March 2017 Studio Calico Documenter set (The Birds and The Bees).

Stamps: XO is from an older Studio Calico Documenter kit (but I got it at Goodwill!) and the same Webster’s Pages date stamp I discussed yesterday.

Other: The tiny word stickers are a mix of Simple Stories and Tim Holtz. The asterisks are from the PL Everyday chipboard set.

The word art in the title picture is from an old Ali Edwards digital set that I will be using all week. There are loads of similar ones available in her digital shop.

Thanks SO MUCH to everyone for the likes on Facebook and Instagram. It really means a lot to know that someone is actually reading all of these posts. Tomorrow is the midpoint of Relaunch Week 2017 and I will be skipping ahead a couple weeks for another fun event page. See you there!

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TSSR Relaunch Week 2017: Tuesday

This spread is one of the first that I made after not being able to scrap for about six months, so I wanted to keep it pretty simple and ease back in. Though I have tons of pages from 2016 waiting, it is always nice to jump into the new year and the rest of the pages this week are from spring 2017. In the past I have really enjoyed the flow of posting recent(ish) pages in chronological order but I hope you will forgive me for bouncing around as I return to the habits of scrapping and blogging.

Though I would consider this a pretty traditional weekly project life spread you can see from the dates that it only covers six days, a period I was back in Swansea for a visit. Also, it continues for another full spread on the next page (shared tomorrow). So what do I know about traditional.

This trip was a last minute surprise/impulse, so a lot of the first page contains the details of keeping it a surprise and the response. As it turned out, Ken chose that night to attend LIVE theater (hard to crash that), but I got to surprise five friends instead of just one. That was pretty cool.

I feel like when I am getting back into the groove of Project Life, I always return to my comfort zone: the LDM freebie. In this case they worked out great to fit a ton of stories that flow through both spreads. I am also really loving how clean and simple title cards turn out with the huge date stamp set (see info below). I think it may already be my most used stamp set ever. Am I the last person to the Nuvo Drop party? Probably. I picked up black and white to test them out and now I must have all the colors. Basically, they are puffy paint like tubes that let you squeeze out tiny plastic domes. These have basically conquered all of my objections to enamel dots (they are too expensive, too hard to find, too dimensional and I only ever use the tiny ones).

The best part is that if you are too chicken to put them straight on your card (I am!), you can make a ton on a piece of plastic packaging, let them sit overnight, then glue them on wherever you want. I made about a hundred teeny dots the other night and the bottle barely looks used. Also, I love that I can make the dome quite shallow so I get the same look with much less bulk. Expect a significant increase in my future use of “enamel” dots.

My favorite thing about this page is these two pictures. The quality is pretty terrible (I wanted to make a page ASAP, so knowingly sacrificed quality for convenience), but the context is pretty joyful. The color photo of me is one Ken took shortly after I arrived for a “guess who is here” kind of text. The black & white one below was sent to me later by a friend and is the exact moment Ken took the colored photo. As a family of two we rarely get interactions like that documented from the outside, so I think it is pretty special.

No matter how long I am there, Swansea visits always include a lot of food and friends time. And movies shown in English.  The right hand side holds more documentation of these outings. I still love printing a movie poster to put behind my tickets for some excitement and color.

On a recent trip to the states I was able to indulge my love for the tiny phrase sticker and I may have gone a little overboard. The good news is I now have enough to use on every page I could ever want to make. I fully intend to test that theory by stacking them all over the place. Right in the middle of a photo is a current favorite technique.

The Products

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been putting more emphasis lately on finishing pages rather than worrying about accounting for the products. Now that I am back to blogging that is more problematic, but I will try my best to identify the main products here. If there is anything specific you are wondering about please feel free to leave a comment.

Cards: As per usual, I get almost all my cards digitally and have them printed as photos. Aside from the LDM day cards, nearly every other card is from a Paislee Press Project Life collaboration-I have all of them and they all match perfectly. I think the bottom left card is from the March 2017 Studio Calico Documenter Set (The Birds and The Bees).

Stamps: Elle’s Studio Date It. The roller date stamp was part of a Webster’s Pages kit I got because it was the only one I could find at the time that included 2017.

Other: The tiny word stickers are a mix of Simple Stories and Tim Holtz.

The word art in the title picture is from an old Ali Edwards digital set that I will be using all week. There are loads of similar ones available in her digital shop.

Alright. Day two of seven is on the blog and the page is in the book. That’s what I call progress. Hope you stop by tomorrow to see the other spread for this week!

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TSSR Relaunch Week 2017: Monday

Yayyyy. It’s the first day of my relaunch week and I am super excited to be back. As I mentioned, I will be sharing a layout everyday this week. Aside from being a little bit insane, I had two main goals for this kind of commitment. First, I am hoping to lure people back to this space by bombarding them with my social media presence (if it worked, please say hi in the comments!). Secondly, I wanted to test my own productivity habits by setting a large but somewhat open-ended goal. Seven layouts in one week is a lot. But they can be any seven layouts. In any stage of completion. I suspected I would choose a few because I was excited about them and a few just because they were easy to finish, and that is exactly how it went. But the point was, if there are so many pages in my albums that are easily finished (10-20 minutes of adding some detail or another)…why haven’t I just sat and finished them before now? I will definitely be coming back to this challenge.

My first layout for the week was both easy and exciting.   This layout is for a single event, Oktoberfest 2016. I remember when I put in the photos (March), the cards came together so easily and I just really loved this page. So much so that I even did the journaling right away (hands down my least favorite part). And then it sat there waiting for the decorative elements. In fact, for several months, the title only said “Oktober…” because “fest” wouldn’t fit in stickers and I was just too lazy to pull out the stamps. As soon as I decided to set a “just finish the d*mn pages” challenge, I knew this would be top of the list.

2016 is laid out into two albums, with all the photos printed and tucked away. At the moment, this is the only completed page in the second album.  It’s more or less right in the middle and I am excited to start filling in around it. I’m a firm believer in starting where you feel inspired.

So…the spread. The thing I love about single event pages it that there is no real need for chronology and I feel more freedom to just work with balance. Here, the photos more or less run from daylight to darkness. The left side holds most of the outdoor photos. There is so much to do at Oktoberfest other than the beer tents and I spent quite a while checking it all out.

Now, I know some people think it is crazy to insert a whole additional spread for a single event. That would probably make it outrageous to have a 6×12 insert in there too. I guess it depends on your Project Life objectives. For me, PL (and scrapbooking) has always been a way to showcase the photos I was ALREADY taking, with the benefit of also being a creative outlet. I would love to be caught up of course, because completed pages make me happy. But I will never sacrifice photos I like to make it easier or faster. So I will probably never catch up. That’s cool with me.

With all the beer and lights and wood, yellow was definitely a standout color for this page. I wanted a big bold title for a big bold event and I really love the look of overlapping these Amy Tan stickers (see below for product discussion). To fit “fest”would have required too much overlap, so I decided to just stamp it in gray. A small label added another pop and rounded out my color scheme (yellow, light blue and gray).

The embellishment cluster on this card makes me so happy. I bought a set of “Bavarian” themed paper clips at a tourist shop the weekend I moved to Munich and I have been dying to use them. However, embellishing is usually my last step in the process and I so rarely get to that point that I haven’t had the chance. I am determined that this will change and I will finish layouts. I want to use all the pretty things.

The little gingham strip was actually printed on the card already and it was so perfect. There was really no way to attach the paperclip there as it was intended, so I just stapled it on. I have a teeny tiny star punch, so I used that to move some of the blue to various points around the page.

The right side of the spread is more of the same, picture-wise. Scenery and beer and food and fun. I was pretty happy with the quantity of photos I printed, because I surprised myself with the amount of stories I wanted to add.  I actually thought of another one last night, after I had declared the page done. I am going to just live with that…there is always this year!

I for sure took enough pictures to print another 4×6, but I decided to keep this slot for a large date card. A little bit for some white space to break up the very dense photos. A little bit to highlight that Oktoberfest is in fact in September. I also have an unhealthy obsession with this date stamp set.

One unexpected theme of this spread that I really like is the repetition of circles, which seem to dominate my photos. To play off that, I dug out this older Studio Calico card…and completely ruined it while stamping (I seem to have gotten ink all over the edges of the block, in addition to the stamp…). The good news is I get the cards digitally so I can just reprint! The bad news is my printer is terrible at printing colors! I printed about five before I got one that was usable, only to notice one corner is stained black from being dragged through the printer (it is under the watermark). I am just going with it. There are six other pages to make for this week…

My main scrappy goal this year was to use my stamps more. So far…I have just bought a ton more stamps. My problem with stamping is that I am a perfectionist and want to be good at it. But to be good at it you have to do it. So I avoid it. I have discovered that I am not into image stamping but really like text based sets. I am totally forcing myself out of my comfort zone here, but I actually did a quite a lot of stamping on this layout. By my count there is seven spots/stamps. Can you find them? This card is an example of my less than perfect technique. I am accepting wonky lettering as part of the learning curve, but that randomly placed blue star? It is covering a clump of ink I thought was a fuzzy and tried to brush away. Ooops.

The Products

Oh man. I’m gonna be honest, as the blog started to drop off and I started doing more and more batch processing in my album, I became less concerned with identifying specific products. Also, most of the stuff I scrap with is really really old. I like to find a good adaptable product and stick with it. I will try my best to identify the main products here, but if there is anything specific you are wondering about please feel free to leave a comment.

Cards: As per usual, I get almost all my cards digitally and have them printed as photos. Because my lab prints the file name on the back, I can tell you that the foundation of this spread is the October 2016 Studio Calico Documenter cards (Story Board). I also pulled in some even older Studio Calico cards and a couple cards from the PL Fresh edition (I get mine from the app these days).

Stamps: Elle’s Studio Date It, Clearly Kelly Outline Alpha, Its All About Festivals (Sweet Stamp Shop, no longer available?), Itinerary, and a bunch of Citrus Twist phrases received in a grab bag (more on this obsession coming soon I am sure).

Other: Amy Tangerine “Skip”Alpha, Kaitlin Sheaffer Labels, Tim Holz tiny word stickers (I have all sets and use interchangeably)

The word art in the title picture is from an old Ali Edwards digital set that I will be using all week. There are loads of similar ones available in her digital shop.

Wow. So if you made it all the way to the end, thanks so much for stopping by! Clearly, I had a lot of pent up blogging to get out and I hope to keep that momentum up all week. Please feel free to leave a comment if you are looking forward to the rest of the week and stop by tomorrow!

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TravelScrapSleepRepeat Relaunch!

The time has finally come to breath some life back into this space!

After a busy couple of years, things are calming down and scrapbooking is back on the agenda. Despite the radio silence on the blog,  I did prioritize printing and organizing my photos. Now I have hundreds of pages with photos and memorabilia tucked into pockets, just waiting to be made beautiful. And shared.

So, to give myself a much needed push and jump-start traffic back here, I have prepared a layout share for every day next week (July 24-30 2017). Crazy? Sure. But sometimes even fun things need a little motivation.

It feels good to be back. This community is just the best. See you next week!

***Word art by Ali Edwards, frame adapted from Paislee Press***

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