TSSR Relaunch Week 2017: Monday

Yayyyy. It’s the first day of my relaunch week and I am super excited to be back. As I mentioned, I will be sharing a layout everyday this week. Aside from being a little bit insane, I had two main goals for this kind of commitment. First, I am hoping to lure people back to this space by bombarding them with my social media presence (if it worked, please say hi in the comments!). Secondly, I wanted to test my own productivity habits by setting a large but somewhat open-ended goal. Seven layouts in one week is a lot. But they can be any seven layouts. In any stage of completion. I suspected I would choose a few because I was excited about them and a few just because they were easy to finish, and that is exactly how it went. But the point was, if there are so many pages in my albums that are easily finished (10-20 minutes of adding some detail or another)…why haven’t I just sat and finished them before now? I will definitely be coming back to this challenge.

My first layout for the week was both easy and exciting.   This layout is for a single event, Oktoberfest 2016. I remember when I put in the photos (March), the cards came together so easily and I just really loved this page. So much so that I even did the journaling right away (hands down my least favorite part). And then it sat there waiting for the decorative elements. In fact, for several months, the title only said “Oktober…” because “fest” wouldn’t fit in stickers and I was just too lazy to pull out the stamps. As soon as I decided to set a “just finish the d*mn pages” challenge, I knew this would be top of the list.

2016 is laid out into two albums, with all the photos printed and tucked away. At the moment, this is the only completed page in the second album.  It’s more or less right in the middle and I am excited to start filling in around it. I’m a firm believer in starting where you feel inspired.

So…the spread. The thing I love about single event pages it that there is no real need for chronology and I feel more freedom to just work with balance. Here, the photos more or less run from daylight to darkness. The left side holds most of the outdoor photos. There is so much to do at Oktoberfest other than the beer tents and I spent quite a while checking it all out.

Now, I know some people think it is crazy to insert a whole additional spread for a single event. That would probably make it outrageous to have a 6×12 insert in there too. I guess it depends on your Project Life objectives. For me, PL (and scrapbooking) has always been a way to showcase the photos I was ALREADY taking, with the benefit of also being a creative outlet. I would love to be caught up of course, because completed pages make me happy. But I will never sacrifice photos I like to make it easier or faster. So I will probably never catch up. That’s cool with me.

With all the beer and lights and wood, yellow was definitely a standout color for this page. I wanted a big bold title for a big bold event and I really love the look of overlapping these Amy Tan stickers (see below for product discussion). To fit “fest”would have required too much overlap, so I decided to just stamp it in gray. A small label added another pop and rounded out my color scheme (yellow, light blue and gray).

The embellishment cluster on this card makes me so happy. I bought a set of “Bavarian” themed paper clips at a tourist shop the weekend I moved to Munich and I have been dying to use them. However, embellishing is usually my last step in the process and I so rarely get to that point that I haven’t had the chance. I am determined that this will change and I will finish layouts. I want to use all the pretty things.

The little gingham strip was actually printed on the card already and it was so perfect. There was really no way to attach the paperclip there as it was intended, so I just stapled it on. I have a teeny tiny star punch, so I used that to move some of the blue to various points around the page.

The right side of the spread is more of the same, picture-wise. Scenery and beer and food and fun. I was pretty happy with the quantity of photos I printed, because I surprised myself with the amount of stories I wanted to add.  I actually thought of another one last night, after I had declared the page done. I am going to just live with that…there is always this year!

I for sure took enough pictures to print another 4×6, but I decided to keep this slot for a large date card. A little bit for some white space to break up the very dense photos. A little bit to highlight that Oktoberfest is in fact in September. I also have an unhealthy obsession with this date stamp set.

One unexpected theme of this spread that I really like is the repetition of circles, which seem to dominate my photos. To play off that, I dug out this older Studio Calico card…and completely ruined it while stamping (I seem to have gotten ink all over the edges of the block, in addition to the stamp…). The good news is I get the cards digitally so I can just reprint! The bad news is my printer is terrible at printing colors! I printed about five before I got one that was usable, only to notice one corner is stained black from being dragged through the printer (it is under the watermark). I am just going with it. There are six other pages to make for this week…

My main scrappy goal this year was to use my stamps more. So far…I have just bought a ton more stamps. My problem with stamping is that I am a perfectionist and want to be good at it. But to be good at it you have to do it. So I avoid it. I have discovered that I am not into image stamping but really like text based sets. I am totally forcing myself out of my comfort zone here, but I actually did a quite a lot of stamping on this layout. By my count there is seven spots/stamps. Can you find them? This card is an example of my less than perfect technique. I am accepting wonky lettering as part of the learning curve, but that randomly placed blue star? It is covering a clump of ink I thought was a fuzzy and tried to brush away. Ooops.

The Products

Oh man. I’m gonna be honest, as the blog started to drop off and I started doing more and more batch processing in my album, I became less concerned with identifying specific products. Also, most of the stuff I scrap with is really really old. I like to find a good adaptable product and stick with it. I will try my best to identify the main products here, but if there is anything specific you are wondering about please feel free to leave a comment.

Cards: As per usual, I get almost all my cards digitally and have them printed as photos. Because my lab prints the file name on the back, I can tell you that the foundation of this spread is the October 2016 Studio Calico Documenter cards (Story Board). I also pulled in some even older Studio Calico cards and a couple cards from the PL Fresh edition (I get mine from the app these days).

Stamps: Elle’s Studio Date It, Clearly Kelly Outline Alpha, Its All About Festivals (Sweet Stamp Shop, no longer available?), Itinerary, and a bunch of Citrus Twist phrases received in a grab bag (more on this obsession coming soon I am sure).

Other: Amy Tangerine “Skip”Alpha, Kaitlin Sheaffer Labels, Tim Holz tiny word stickers (I have all sets and use interchangeably)

The word art in the title picture is from an old Ali Edwards digital set that I will be using all week. There are loads of similar ones available in her digital shop.

Wow. So if you made it all the way to the end, thanks so much for stopping by! Clearly, I had a lot of pent up blogging to get out and I hope to keep that momentum up all week. Please feel free to leave a comment if you are looking forward to the rest of the week and stop by tomorrow!

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TravelScrapSleepRepeat Relaunch!

The time has finally come to breath some life back into this space!

After a busy couple of years, things are calming down and scrapbooking is back on the agenda. Despite the radio silence on the blog,  I did prioritize printing and organizing my photos. Now I have hundreds of pages with photos and memorabilia tucked into pockets, just waiting to be made beautiful. And shared.

So, to give myself a much needed push and jump-start traffic back here, I have prepared a layout share for every day next week (July 24-30 2017). Crazy? Sure. But sometimes even fun things need a little motivation.

It feels good to be back. This community is just the best. See you next week!

***Word art by Ali Edwards, frame adapted from Paislee Press***

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Project Life 2015 : September 7-13

Oh Dear. Blogging fail again. I sat down so many times over the holidays to prepare blog posts. But instead I ate cookies. Or watched YouTube. Or took a nap. No regrets. However, I do have five more blog posts on my September 2015 Grab 5! experiment lined up and I still really want to share them. So new goal-I want to get these posts out of the way so I can start sharing some 2016. Or one of the million other projects I am in the middle of. Or anything really.

So this is the forth layout using the SC Brimfield cards and my Grab 5! Embellishments, but the second one I made (I left the Belfast pages until the end remember). This was a rare week without an insert, contained in two Design A pages.

Because we were only home for a few days before we left again for Belfast, this was the week that we caught up with a lot of our friends. There is so much fun in these pictures. This side includes three dinners out and my new found coffee making skills (and my new favorite coffee mug).

I love this card. It is so subtle that it matches everything, but still manages to combine geometric and text prints. Perfection. For this title card, I feel like I just couldn’t stop adding things, but it is ok. I am usually a pretty basic Project Lifer and it was fun to give myself permission to just play around with embellishments for this month. I also challenged myself to present the dates slightly differently each week, so this time I spelled out the word ‘to’ in tiny letter stickers. Layered labels, washi and doily scrap. Enamel dots to hide the fact that my stamping was massively off center.

I printed the journaling on a little tag, but I was not quite sure what I wanted to do with it. I ended up just throwing a bunch of stuff in a cluster. I love that I could also include a little logo from the restaurant we went to with the journaling, but not have it all take up too much space. The layer directly under the ‘So Fun’ letters is a scrap cut from the same 4×6 card as the piece I used on the PRONI card in the second Belfast layout. I think this one said ‘yesterday’, which obviously makes no sense here so I just covered it up.

The right page has more food, friends and visiting. That is a super accurate portrayal of this week.

Definitely not typical. I wanted to remember that we booked a crazy number of plane tickets in one day. I used the LDM freebie again, but this time I just overlayed it on a label before printing. By this point, I had a used a couple pages of the tiny letter stickers but none of the punctuation,  so I used a couple exclamation points as embellishments. I really love how simple this card is for recording a small memory.

And of course,  another food shot. This time a dinner at home.  The friends we were staying with are vegan and asked  we not have meat in the house. Totally fine and the forced creativity ended up in some new favorites. I listed out the elements of this meal on strips, but it looked too random so I layered a triangle of vellum over it as a faux ‘pocket ‘.

Grab 5! Roundup:

1. AC Amy Tangerine Cut and Paste Phrase Stamp

Number of cards using this product: 1

Other than a couple fussy embellishment clusters,  I feel like this page is just more simple than the previous pages. Thus, less products.  It happens.

2. Teresa Collins Black Alpha Stickers

Number of cards using this product: 3

Only have 2.5 packs left.  Need to hoard for the rest of my life.  Love.

3. Misc Paper Clips

Number of cards using this product: 0

Seven pages.  Three paper clips.  Some weeks just won’t have any and that is totally fine.

4. MME Charm ‘Smile’ Enamel Dots

Number of cards using this product: 2

Just a couple little pops of color.

5. Doilies

Number of cards using this product: 3

A statement layer on the title card and a couple little scraps in embellishment clusters. Nothing too exciting.

If you liked this layout, but are totally confused by my Grab 5! references, check out my other posts in the series:

September Grab 5! (Intro/Overview)

Project Life 2015 : August 25-29

Project Life 2015: August 30-September 6 {Part 1}

Project Life 2015: August 30-September 6 {Part 2}

***Disclaimer: I posted this from my phone on an actual desert island.  If it looks a little wonky. …sorry!

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Project Life 2015 : August 30-September 6 {Part 2}

TSSR 151108 1And yet another spread from Belfast—2 Design A and a half size insert (aka Design H). Overall, it didn’t feel like I took a lot of pictures on this trip, but by the time I added the stories and memorabilia etc I definitely needed the extra pages and inserts. I am pretty happy with my “go with it” attitude this year. A little concerned about the amount of pages this will result in next year, when I am more settled. But I had so much fun putting together the pages for this month that I am not even going to worry about it. Because really, it is about the fun.

TSSR 151108 8Most of this spread actually covers the things we did in the city itself. Ken has been really into family history stuff lately, so he spent some time checking out the various records available. I mostly just walked around the city, because it never gets old.

TSSR 151108

One such stop was the public records office. In the SC Brimfield add-on set, there is a 4×6 card with three boxes labelled ‘yesterday’, ‘today’, and ‘tomorrow’. It was really cool, but I didn’t have a use for it this month so after I had all the 4x6s in place, I cut it up to use in layering. The word PRONI is cut from a brochure (love the text pattern) and of course there is a doily. The journaling itself went on my all-time favorite label freebie. Though the cluster came together super fast, I spent quite a lot of time switching out the background cards until I settled on this one.

TSSR 151108 2

One of my favorite parts of Ireland is for sure the potato and soda breads. We went to a little market one day, where the guy was making FRESH bread in his stall and the flavors sounded amazing. I made a list of what we bought, intending to cut it into strips and put it on top of the photo. But I hated it—way too distracting. Instead, I laid the vellum over one corner as a sort of pocket and tucked the list behind. It is only adhered to the photo under the label and it is easy to take out the list if I am desperate to read the bottom (if you are wondering, I am pretty sure it is cheese and chive). I am loving using these tiny letter stickers for just embellishment type phrases as well as specific titles.

davWhile Ken was off doing his thing, I wondered around the Titanic Quarter for a while. If you haven’t been, it is a really nice area with several museums and parts are still very active with boats (ships). It was not a beautiful day, but I had fun.

This card was divided in half, with nay on the bottom in the opposite colors. Since this insert was all about the yay!, I covered the bottom with a doily and layered on the title and a short caption. Love. Those. Tiny. Letters.
TSSR 151108 And, being Ireland, there is a page that is almost entirely about beer. And drinking beer. This is not all one day.

TSSR 151108 4

This card is on the back of the insert and highlights the two main things we did that day: picking up Ken’s new phone (taking selfies) and dinner/drinks at a pub in town. This is another card that turned out completely different from my vision (including the background card), but I really like it and will definitely be doing more ‘first’ and ‘then’ type journaling.

TSSR 151108 5

I love that Miller (a good old Wisconsin standby) is sold pretty much everywhere in Northern Ireland. Kept this card pretty simple with a label, tiny letters, and the same SC plastic arrows I have been using throughout these pages.

TSSR 151108 6

Used another paperclip! Wahoo! For those keeping score, this is 2 out of 3 paperclips in the Grab 5! challenge, and only the second week in. An airplane holding a ticket is for sure the most common arrangement for my paperclip usage. I rolled with it here, because it worked, but I am trying to be a little bit less predictable with the others.

TSSR 151108 7

I still fail at stamping. I still love these days of the week freebies from Life Documented Manila. I still think I can drink all night. In that last one I may be totally incorrect.

TSSR 151108 12

Grab 5! Roundup:

1. AC Amy Tangerine Cut and Paste Phrase Stamp

Number of cards using this product: 2

This is the last spread of the seven I made with this Grab 5! kit and I was completely out of the little labels I had stamped in advance. I stamped one more label (grey) and a tab for the insert. Clearly, the prestamping is directly connected to my actually using the stamped phrases.

2. Teresa Collins Black Alpha Stickers

Number of cards using this product: 5

Totally obsessed. That is all.

3. Misc Paper Clips

Number of cards using this product: 1

Yay, another one down! I feel like three clips may have been the perfect number for this kit. If I had to force one on every spread I am not sure I would have liked it so much, but every couple pages is perfect.

4. MME Charm ‘Smile’ Enamel Dots

Number of cards using this product: 1

Yeah, last spread means I am pretty much out of all the colors/sizes I like. But it was totally fine to have a somewhat simpler page mixed in the middle.

5. Doilies

Number of cards using this product: 5

Even though this is the last page I made, I still had a ton of doilies. I also had a ton of edge scraps, so a lot of the cards on this page were just tucking bits into layers/as accents.

So, this is the last of my Ireland pages for September, and the third full layout shared. I continued to use my September Grab 5! kit for another FOUR freaking layouts, so the posts are still coming! Hopefully soon! Thanks so much for stopping by to read about my Project Life pages and please feel free to let me know how your albums are doing as the year is coming to a close. Have you tried Grab 5! yet? You should.

If you liked this layout, but are totally confused by my Grab 5! references, check out my other posts in the series:

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Project Life 2015 : August 25-29

Project Life 2015: August 30-September 6 {Part 1}

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Project Life 2015 : August 30-September 6 {Part 1}

TSSR 151101 1

This ‘week’ (8 days) we went to Belfast to visit Ken’s family. The friend that kindly let us stay for a month need us out for a few days, so it was the perfect opportunity to pop up.

Truth time: of all the pages I made using the Studio Calico Brimfield cards and my September Grab 5! products, I made this week’s pages last, even though they are second in the album. I knew that there was a ton of photos/pages/inserts and I didn’t want to run out of product with most of the month left to do. In all, this week has two spreads, two 6×12 inserts, and a Design G 10×12 insert. Because it is so long, I will share one spread (plus inserts) this week and the other one next week. Still, it is a pretty long post…

TSSR 1511012I decided to try something new (to me), and share the inserts in line with the adjoining pages. I am hoping this way is a bit faster than having all of the individual sides and, honestly, when I lay out the pages/cards, this is the way I visualize it. Let me know if it invokes strong feelings of any sort.

TSSR 151101 11This title card from the SC Brimfield add-on was love at first sight (ok second sight. I had been eyeing up the original at In A Creative Bubble for a while). Tags and Airport codes? Totally my jam. I may have done these pages last, but this card definitely went in first. The ‘Belfast’ letters are my favorite QK studio mini and I used the Theresa Collins alpha for the other letters. It still needed a little something, so I dug up these gorgeous SC canvas cameras. I am pretty sure they are meant to be misted, but I like them just as they are. In fact, I used a few more this month, so they are an unofficial 6th addition to Grab 5! Also, large enamel dots make fun lenses.

TSSR 151101 13

A teal and white chevron gets me every time. No brainer. Added a doily scrap and a couple partial labels.

TSSR 151101 12

I love the convenience of online check-in. I hate that the boarding passes are so freaking ugly. Oh well. The background card is a 4×6 from SC Brimfield with little pink dashes all over it. Pink is not my color of choice, but I figured it was mostly covered here. I cut a piece of vellum to 4×6 and then in half diagonally to create the pocket and act as a base for the embellishment cluster. The plastic arrow is also Studio Calico, and the geotag is a SC free download. For a girl that doesn’t subscribe to their kits, it seems as though I have a lot of the product on here!

TSSR 151101 9

Because the only word that can possible come after that many ‘more’s is BACON. Truth.

The left hand card is from the amazing Christine Herrin and available in her shop. I am a total fan girl and have to print multiples of all her cards. She is also a super nice person, so sign up for her newsletter and shoot her some fan mail. Trust me. It is worth it.

TSSR 151101 3The next inserts hold the photos from a visit to a family park/farm thing near Ken’s family house. It was a gorgeous day and a gorgeous property, so I took way too many photos. Though I am usually pretty set in my horizontal 4×6 and vertical 3×4 ways, it is nice to have the option of Design G when I just really love some vertical photos.

TSSR 151101 10

This card gave me no end of trouble. Originally, the title cluster was in the middle of a card from the SC Brimfield kit, but no matter what I added or subtracted, it just wouldn’t work. Finally, I hacked it off the other card in one piece (the back is not pretty) and stuck it to the corner of a card from my stash (BH Sunshine?). I like it much better, but it still elicits feelings of rage at the memory.

TSSR 151101 8Due to the card drama of above, I had to shift some things around to make them work with the bold teal stripes. I really didn’t want these filler cards right next to each other —I feel like the placement of the clusters is too similar—but I loved them both, so they stay. I am learning to live with it. The teal watercolor is from SC Brimfield and the grey woodgrain was cut down from a 4×6 Midnight title card.

TSSR 151101 4And finally….more pictures from the park. I actually did narrow them down a lot. Seriously. But see that tab behind the ducks? More photos.

TSSR 151101 5

The combination of the 3×4 card, doily and AE banner came together very easily, but I wanted something else a little darker to pull the layout together. I had already used the phrase stamp a lot (yay me!) so I just wrote out a word in tiny letter stickers.

TSSR 151101 7

How can you not be charmed by a fairy woods? So freaking cute.

TSSR 151101 6

I like cards with check boxes (this one from SC Brimfield), because they are a really good place to add some color or texture with enamel dots, sequins, or brads. I didn’t really have anything to write on this card, so I just added another couple photos. It’s random, but it works.

TSSR 151101 14

Grab 5! Roundup:

1. AC Amy Tangerine Cut and Paste Phrase Stamp

Number of cards using this product: 4

As mentioned, this was one of the last spreads from this kit, and I had already used almost all of my prestamped labels. However, I did have a few tabs with the inserts, which are my typical place for phrase stamps, so that worked great.

2. Teresa Collins Black Alpha Stickers

Number of cards using this product: 4

Because I had used up all my phrase labels, I found myself using the tiny letters to write words in an embellisment cluster where I would have used a label. I also find that with the black backgrounds, I tend to make them intentionally wonky, and I am not quite sure why.

3. Misc Paper Clips

Number of cards using this product: 0

I only had three total in the kit. Some weeks just don’t get any.

4. MME Charm ‘Smile’ Enamel Dots

Number of cards using this product: 5

Oh enamel dots, I may be obsessed. By this point I was pretty low on tiny ones (the greatest of all enamel dots!), but the camera lenses were a great way to use up some of the freakishly large ones.

5. Doilies

Number of cards using this product: 6

I feel like I may need to back away from the doily after this month. They are cheap, plentiful, and kind of neutral. But do I really need to stick them to every card?

Wahoo, another week documented and blogged! Man that feels good. Have you tried Grab 5! yet? Let me know!

Want to see the rest of the September 2015 Grab 5! series? Check it out:

September Grab 5! (Intro/Overview)

Project Life 2015 : August 25-29

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Project Life 2015 : August 25-29

TSSR 151018 13I honestly can’t tell you the last time I FINISHED a page. Embellishments. Journaling. Done. So exciting! This page came together crazy fast and it was really fun to just play around with some supplies. It is for sure fussier than my normal PL spread, but its all good.

August only has one week in this album because we spent most of the month in Egypt, so it mostly appears there. For the purposes of Grab 5! I decided to just complete it with September and since I purchased the add-on cards, there was plenty to go around.

TSSR 151018 14What?? Square pockets?? We all know that Design A is like my religion!

However, the weekly layouts in this album are going to follow a year long photo challenge in square pockets (more coming next year when it is completed). Since I had decided this in advance, it was easy to plan my layout to start on the back of the final page.

TSSR 151018 3

First week of Grab 5! Already breaking my own ‘rules’. I needed several square filler cards for the left page and this middle pocket was the last one to fill. Overall, there was a lot of small repetitive patterns across the spread and I wanted this to be quite basic and pull together some of the colors. I instantly thought of this card from Studio Calico’s January Kit, which I loved but never seemed to work with what I was doing. The bold quirky design worked perfectly and pulled in the blues and pink from the camera card. Plus, it mixed in purple, so I got the use the purple enamel dots I was convinced I wouldn’t use this month!

I wanted to note somewhere on the page that we were back in the UK, so I added a little phrase with the Theresa Collins letters. To coordinate with the title page, I added a Heidi Swapp plastic S from a set I bought on super clearance a couple years ago. Yay for using extra stash!

TSSR 151018 4

This is the first card I made when I started scrapping again, using a paper scrap from the front cover. For several weeks it sat with just the doily and label, looking pretty. When I finally sat to type out the journaling for the page, I needed somewhere to note that we were staying with friends until our new house was available, so I just added a couple words strips here. And embellishments. Because I am in an embellishment cluster rut right now.

In tragic news, I am out of this paper. I am totally obsessed with it and want a whole pack. To put on every page ever. Seriously. Every one.

TSSR 151018 2

The final filler card on the left side is a scrap from Studio Calico’s Print Shop line, which I am using in another project. Again, I really wanted a simple pattern, that brought in the yellow tones from the right side. Proportionally, I think this cluster may be a little small for a 4×4, but I started with a doily scrap and worked from there, so it is what it is. Super psyched that I got one of the paper clips on the first freaking page!

Also, I had printed a bunch of these label freebies and had a lot of the smaller sizes left. I stamped a couple of every phrase on the Amy Tangerine roller stamp from my Grab 5! and have been working them into the pages. I thought I would be more likely to use them if they were already ‘done’, and so far I was right. Could tiny word labels be the new tiny word sticker??

TSSR 151018 15And the right side. Back to Design A and all is right with the world. This side mostly holds a lot about our weekend. The bottom left card is a cool sketchy card of Swansea I bought at the market. Plus there was ice cream. Win.

TSSR 151018 7

Square pocket pages and title cards on the right page? What has the world come to?

The card itself is from SC’s Brimfield set. To add the dates, I stamped either side of a Martha Stewart label from Staples and cut it in half. Once the label was lined up on the card, I added just enough of the edge of the doily to fill the gap. Pulled out my old Heidi Swapp plastic letters to highlight that this was (the only page of) August. Love it.

TSSR 151018 9

This card is also SC Brimfield, and originally I just had the adorable ice cream business card sitting on top. However, as I mentioned above, there was lot of small repetitive print in this spread and instead of looking cute, the card just just looked messy. To make a pocket to hold the business card, all I had to do was cut a slit along one of the lines printed on the PL card, making sure not to go all the way to the edge. This also gave me a nice open area to add the logo of the market and some more embellishments.

TSSR 151018 8As much as I loved using SC Brimfield for my September pages, there wasn’t a lot of basic journaling cards to mix in. Never fear! I pulled out my current go to, Moments Like These (PL by Stamping Up!). I saved the files from the app and printed a whole set to get mine, but the digital version is also available. To be honest, it annoys me that the app versions don’t have the faint grey lines/grid but for the difference in price and accessibility I can live with it. The ‘Thursday’ is a freebie from Life Documented Manila, which I am pretty sure was made by Christine Herrin. I am a smidge obsessed with her work and will find any excuse to work it into a page (PS-do you get her newsletter? Sign up immediately. She has the most amazingly generous freebies).

Another important fact about this card is that I printed it at home on my new-to-me Epson Picturemate. It is so old that I can’t even find the model on it, so maybe it is the original? I found it on gumtree for crazy cheap and snapped it up immediately. With it, I was able to finish almost all my September journaling in a couple of hours. It is not perfect and I am learning as we go. For example, on my professionally printed copy of this card, this banner is mint green, perfectly matching one of the hexagons on the middle card in the previous page. Maybe it is running out of ink or maybe it is just not a perfect color. Oh well, the blue matches too! The biggest quirk I have noticed so far is that despite being borderless, it still zooms and crops a bit, and it cut off some of my prepared journaling. I can totally work with that from now on. As you may see above, this made most of my September journal cards off center, so here I placed the little embellishment cluster to the left to add some more weight to that side of the card.

SF_4x6-label-templatesGrab 5! Roundup:

1. AC Amy Tangerine Cut and Paste Phrase Stamp

Number of cards using this product: 3

Pre-stamping these was for sure the right idea. Instead of stressing about using stamps (I am horrible at it), I just used the labels like any other embellishment. They looked cute, were easy to use, and were practically free.

2. Teresa Collins Black Alpha Stickers

Number of cards using this product: 2

I liked these a lot. I have been flying through the white-on-black version and thought the black might be a bit dark, but having the letters in outline was really fun.

3. Misc Paper Clips

Number of cards using this product: 1

Wahoo, used one on the first page!

4. MME Charm ‘Smile’ Enamel Dots

Number of cards using this product: 3

Starting to get in the habit of reaching for enamel dots. Was very happy to have the purple on this page, as I didn’t think they would get used this month.

5. Doilies

Number of cards using this product: 4

Have to actually stop myself from putting bits of doily on everything. Super easy trend. Addictive.

So, one page down! I am planning to add the final touches to ALL my September spreads this week and get them photographed. Hopefully, I can then share them here each Sunday. It looks like this schedule could work for me for a while.

If you liked this layout, but are totally confused by my Grab 5! references, check out my September Grab 5! post. Feel free to post your own approaches in the comments.



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Grab 5! {September 2015}

TSSR 151110 1

Do you watch Adele at Inkie Quill? If so, you are already hip to the Grab 5 concept. If not, forget my sad little blog and go watch her videos immediately. Seriously. If you are kind enough to actually finish this post first, her idea is this: pick 5 things from your stash, pick a PL spread to work on, use all five things. Simple and effective.

As may be apparent, I am not in a very good life place to blog right now. Or produce actual scrapbook pages, for that matter. I have been traveling A LOT for the last couple years. And while I have several more journeys ahead, I have managed to eek in a couple weeks at home with my some of my scrap supplies. I have been having a blast, and hopefully can generate enough content to keep the blog limping along for a while.

A little backstory: Did you know that with January 2015 Studio Calico started releasing their monthly PL cards digitally? YES! I love this because it is economical ($6) a month, easy to get no matter where I am, AND I am all about the hybrid approach. They are only available for a limited time though and I can’t seem to find the link for Brimfield already! Get October while you can! I have ordered every main kit they have released so far, but didn’t get to actually print them and hold them in my hands until September. It was glorious. And overwhelming.

Each month there is 50 3×4 and 10 4×6 cards, which comes out to printing 25 4×6. To me, this is totally reasonable. However, when you print nine.freaking.months at once, you get a huge stack of cards. While I am scattering most of the cards throughout various projects for this year, I decided to use September’s Brimfield cards as a collection, for my September pages. Novel idea, huh? OK, so one design decision made.

Enter Grab 5! I am super restricted in my scrapping supplies right now, as nearly everything is still in storage. However, I know myself too well and placed an emergency box of PL necessities near the front. There is certainly more that enough in there to choose five! Plus, I am not at all trying to replicate what is actually included in the kit. Just 5 products that I think I would use and like.

That was a crazy long intro. Hazard of not blogging for a year? Sorry! Next time I can jump straight to the products!

TSSR 151110 2

1. AC Amy Tangerine Cut and Paste Phrase Stamp

I picked this up at TK Maxx* a couple weeks ago and thought it would be fun to jump right in and use it! Since my pathetic stash of tiny word stickers are currently earmarked for other projects, I will probably make some out of the stamp. I am shockingly bad at stamping, but I can just about manage a phrase stamp.

(*yeah, that’s what TJ Maxx is called in the UK, American friends.  Makes me insane trying to keep the straight)

2. Teresa Collins Black Alpha Stickers

These are also a new acquisition, as I ordered them online before I even got home. I have been rocking the white-on-black set in some other projects but since there are a lot of white-on-black cards in the Brimfield collection, I thought the reverse would be cool.

3. Misc Paper Clips

I wanted some kind of shaped embellishment, but I don’t currently have access to any. I do have my box of paperclips and wood veneer (obvious choices for emergency essential boxes!) and I choose three. I may use them all. I may not. But there was zero chance of me using a whole pack of a single design.

4. MME Charm ‘Smile’ Enamel Dots

I never instinctively reach for enamel dots. Don’t know why since they are freaking adorable. These I bought when Archiver’s was closing and they were not alone. I am hoping that adding them to my Grab 5! will force me into the habit of using them. This particular pack was chosen because all the colors but purple match Brimfield perfectly.

5. Doilies

Man am I late to the doily party! In my defense, I have been living under a rock. Well, living in the desert. It is pretty much the same thing. I took a doily from my dinner setting at a pub the other day and used it to make a card. It was cute. So I bought a cheapo pack and am going to try this trend out. Why not?

TSSR 151110 3


This month I also purchased the add-on card collection for the first time. I do not plan to do this often but I really liked the travel theme and knew I was going to have several extra layouts for September.

So, there is my first Grab 5! My photos for September should arrive tomorrow and I am hoping to finish all the pages for the month this week. That sounds wildly optimistic, even to me, but it is good to dream big. I am going to share each week here on the blog, followed by the Grab 5! for October, since those cards will be arriving with my photos tomorrow.

Thanks so much for reading all this! It is so so nice to be back, even briefly. Now go binge watch Adele!

 * Grab 5! template based on set from Splendid Fiins, when she sold at The Lilypad. Not sure where she went, but I hope she comes back!

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